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Office Fitters

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Office fitting starts at the design phase in popular imagination but it only takes a moment to dispel this notion. It’s impossible to design without having some idea of what will be designed. This means there needs to be at least a broad indication of what is going to be achieved. Many customers will not really be clear on the specifics of what they need to achieve in their office fit out and in cases like this (which are common) it is essential that the office fitters are able to guide them to solutions which represent what they are trying to achieve.
The emphasis is on solutions that benefit the business and what they want to achieve.

It would be very unprofessional for office fitters to attempt to steer the business into a direction that represents what is easiest for the fitters to achieve. When the office fitters are not comfortable working on many types of projects or projects with a lot of innovation, this is what may happen. Hence it is important to find an office fitting company with an extensive portfolio encompassing many projects of varying natures. This allows the company hiring the fitter to be confident that the fitter can manage not only the project as designed but will be able to handle any changes that arise during the project.

A good fitting company will have a showroom which displays examples of the products and installations they have completed and used. This will allow for verification of the range and quality of the work of the fitters. Workstations are interactive and since an office is designed for quite a lot of usage then being interactive is a great way to engage and get a feel for what the future may be like.

The design team is quite important and rightly so. However, like with the focus on communication being overlooked and hence the potentially forgotten need for guidance towards solutions, administration and project management can be sometimes forgotten. Administration is quite critical when it comes to office fitting. While it may not be very glamorous, making sure the orders for the fittings are placed on time so there are no delays and ensuring the right certification documents are registered so the company passes the safety checks are critical components of any successful project.

Project management is also a bit on the quiet side when it comes to office fitting and being memorable but it’s also quite critical. By planning and running a project, only then can the possibility for making adjustments to the budget and to the timeframes be done. If it’s not possible to measure the work being done then it isn’t possible to measure if the work is being done well. Of course, it’s also up to the project managers to get things back on track if anything seems like it’s gone amiss. By choosing a team with certified project managers (many project management certifications only are awarded with a record of completed projects) this ensures things will be run smoothly.