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Melbourne Office Fitout Services


Office fit out is not something many companies think about in isolation. This is probably because of confusion about the term. Fitting of an office brings to mind the organising and moving about of already ordered goods on a pre-existing plan. In the most basic sense, this is correct. But very few office fitting companies would be satisfied (or successful) with just this on offer. Office fitting is a lengthy process that combines roles in interior design, project management, procurement and construction.

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Office fitting services would have designers, carpenters and labourers as well as experts in occupational health and safety. Neglecting to have one of these experts on staff would mean to have to incur the additional cost of hiring an external expert and so no company would want this recurring expense. The reason these professionals are all needed is because office fitting is a detailed and comprehensive process that is highly specialised. When it comes to getting things right, office fitting can take on the semblance of a construction or manufacturing process in its detail more than a simple refurbishment.

Like all business processes, the possibility of certification is there and the best teams will have accumulated relevant certification both on the specific quality of work in relation to office fitting but also on the reliability of their systems. Like in engineering, any system with sufficient reliability can be accredited as a lean system, so giving the confidence that the fitters are experts in their process and also that they are extremely efficient. Certification is also very important in terms of health and safety since these regulations change very regularly and certifications must be updated. Possession of the updated certifications is an important indicator of the quality of the office fitters being chosen.

Environmental safety and impact is becoming more critical every day. This is also a certifiable component of office fit out since firms can be certified as performing in a green and environmentally friendly way. It is important to choose a firm that, if not certified, at least perform their operations with care for the environment and are conscious of the impact their services have. It would not be in anyone’s interest to have a negative impact on the environment and so choosing a firm that is excellent at recycling and waste management would be ideal.Key indicators of the dedication to environmental concerns would be the commitment to using recycled material as well as recycling the materials that have been used.

By making sure there is a refined and well documented process in place, the client can be up to date on exactly what is happening in the office fit out process. It is then easier to assess the quality of performance in terms of keeping on track to the timelines. It is also then possible to make adjustments since the project will be set out in phases. These adjustments may be because of budgetary considerations or due to changes in ideas but whatever the case they would be far easier to implement within a structure that has stages.