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Office Interiors Melbourne

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​Fitting out an office can be a daunting task at the conceptual phase because of the amount of ways this can be done. It’s probably tempting to try to follow the styles seen in Forbes or to pinch the look of what Google has in their head office, but is this really what is best for your company? Just because the top companies have it doesn’t mean you need it too. What is important is that the layout of the office has a style that works in tandem with what the company is trying to achieve and is conducive to these goals. A good office fitting team can aid in this process by having the overall goals stated by the company translated into real actions.

Fitting the office in a style that works for start-ups tends to be more informal and an atmosphere that is based on regular collaboration. Software companies usually have lots of open space and sofas as well as recreation spaces containing table tennis or table football games. This works very well for these companies but wouldn’t work at all for companies in the financial sector. In this sector, it’s more important to have closed and quiet spaces as well as large rooms with desks for meetings since privacy is critical. A company with office fitting experience can find a solution for a financial company that wants to capture a technology feel to their office but can do so without actually reducing the spaces for private conversation. This kind of understanding is critical to help achieve the goal of the company while also avoiding mistakes that would occur by just working to the letter.

Following designs that you’ve seen in business magazines is not always the best way to go. The company that is doing the office fit out should be asking why you want this look. The answer should be a bit more than “to look like Amazon headquarters”. Communication is key to help everyone involved in the process get to what the company is trying to achieve which is more important than who they’re trying to emulate. After all, there are more ways to have a company culture of inclusiveness than just copying what another company is doing.

When it comes to having an office fitted out, it’s not so important to have the entire design in mind but to have the intention of the design. Experienced shopfitters will be able to translate design ideas into a tangible end product. It is far better to have a plan that works for the company than to find out the plan that is being emulated doesn’t actually work (after the ping pong tables are set up, no one wants to use them because the balls keep getting lost under desks, for example). Clarity of vision and the goals of the company will save the refitting process from having to be redone or for the company to have to remain in an office that doesn’t suit their needs.​