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Office Fitouts Melbourne

As one of the leading office fitouts Melbourne company, we provide full office interior design, project management, as well as in-house manufacturing services for brand new office. By offering all office refurbishment in-house, we are able to provide you with flexible, cost-effective, and timely solutions. Starting from scoping all the way to interior design services and handover, our departments work synergistically to ensure that quality controls is maintained and designs are feasible.

Comprehensive Office Fit out Company

We employ a robust end-to-end commercial office fitout process that includes needs analysis, schematic commercial interior design, documentation and development, construction administration, project procurement, construction, commissioning, and handover. Our process is strict and comprehensive enough with quality control measures put at every stage. In this way, you can be assured of quality consistency in our end products.

Other areas we excel in while offering office fit outs Melbourne services are environmental and occupational health and safety. This allows us to provide a comprehensive, complete, and risk-free solution.

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​In order for us to provide interior design as well as commercial office fit out  in a consistent manner, we continuously evaluate and upgrade our processes and systems to keep them above par with the market. Over time, the improvements we have made to our systems and processes have minimised defects and reworks, decreased significantly the production time, reduced wastage in materials, as well as enhanced quality, accuracy, consistency of products and ease of production.

Our estimating and purchasing system offers precise time and job cost analysis and enhances factory scheduling. We are now able to competently track the progress of projects and report pertinent information to our clients.

Quality Certified Commercial Office Fitouts Melbourne

Over time, we have accumulated certifications which play a critical role in underpinning the focus we have on enhancing our business processes and systems.
The certifications cover different areas including the environment, occupational health and safety, and quality management. We have frameworks in place to monitor environmental performance with the aim of minimising the impact our design services have on the environment. We also have comprehensive waste management plans and unparalleled dedication to utilising recycled materials in our manufacturing facility as much as we can.

Our occupational health and safety systems cover both onsite and in-house activities. We focus on hazard management, manual handling, return to work practices, as well as incident reporting and investigation. As our client, you can send in your project team members to review our records, statistics, and systems.

Having been certified in quality management, you can be guaranteed that your well-being as a customer is the center of our focus. We establish, review, and improve our objectives starting from the earliest design stages all through to handover.  Call us on (03) 9021 3798


Our In-House Office Fit outs Advantage

As a commercial office fitout company, we have resolved to undertake all aspects in-house and even developed a streamlined approach to guarantee you timely and on budget completion of your project. When we develop your interior designs, we always have a mind to cost, buildability, and timing. We are a true one-stop-shop!
We have an effective communication policy between our departments and with our clients, and this ensures affordable fit outs through cost and budgeting controls


Clients Relationship

In the course of developing our office interiors , we incorporate not only the functional components, but also factor in the aesthetics as well. Having been employees and senior officials in different commercial office fitouts Melbourne companies Melbourne, we understand the role imbuing every part of your workplace plays in aligning your organisational goals and values. In summary, our mission is to create concepts that reflect the belief systems in your company.
Our project control teams keep you up to date on the progress of your project and give you a platform to flag any concerns or issues you may have before the project is completed. We have made our process transparent, stress-free, and easy for you to understand thanks to our comprehensive documentation and clear communication channels.

The first step in our office partitions design process is to take note of your needs and expectations after which we formulate a brief. The reason why it is so important for us to clearly understand your goals is that it helps us to tailor our processes in order to achieve your expected home office design. We then bring in our experience and expertise to make our clients realize the solutions that work for them.


Our Facilities

We have an extensive range of workstations and furniture on display in our showroom to enable you to verify the quality of our products. By providing a consistent and superior service, we have earned the trust and respect of our clients.
Our showroom gives you an opportunity to feel, touch, and engage with our classic workstation arrangements, color schemes, and material textures. In addition to the latest office design and innovative concepts within our facilities, you will be able to sample our design library that is consistently and regularly updated. This library consists of an extensive range of fabrics, finishes, and products.

A Capable Team

Our dedicated team of designers, administrators, project managers, and production staffs have decades of experience among them. Because of the nature of our business, we have allowed our office fit out Melbourne contractors to specialise and focus on specific areas.
Thanks to our rigorous recruitment process, all our employees go through background checks, credentials verification, as well as drug tests. What this means is that the team you will be interacting with is trustworthy and honest enough to give you the product you deserve and more. Through internal and external training and exchange programs, our team is always up to date with the latest trends in the industry.
Do you have a commercial furniture, office remodeling or design job you want done? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.